Help Hotline

Use the form below to request an evaluation of your firearm-related issue. If the matter involves confidential information or a request for specific legal advice, please contact an attorney directly. If the matter involves “DROS delays” or what is believed to be an improper DROS denial, or any other matter concerning California Dept. of Justice, please THIS FORM instead of the Hotline.

If you cannot use the above form, you may contact us at 800-556-2109 to leave a message with the CGF Help Hotline. Unfortunately, we cannot address every matter that is submitted to us and make no promises (express or implied) as to the nature or extent of help, if any, that we may provide at our discretion.


In case of a firearms-related law enforcement encounter, detainment, or arrest while in California:

1. Exercise your right to remain silent
2. Never consent to a search
3. Demand an attorney
4. Contact The Calguns Foundation’s Help Hotline (


** If you need immediate legal assistance, please contact an attorney **

Sacramento / Northern California
Adam Richards
Rothschild Wishek & Sands LLP
901 F Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95814
T: 916.444.9845
F: 916.444.2768

SF Bay Area
Donald Kilmer
Law Offices of Donald Kilmer, APC
1645 Willow Street, Suite 150
San Jose, CA 95125
T: 408.264.8489
F: 408.264.8487

Central/San Joaquin Valley
Sawl Law Group
2150 Tulare St.
Fresno, CA 93721
T: 559.266.9800
F: 559.266.3421

Southern California
Jason Davis
Davis & Assoc.
27201 Puerta Real, Suite 300
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
T: 949.436.GUNS [4867]
F: 949.288.6894

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