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  • SF Gate: Alameda County Defends Restrictions On Gun-Shop Locations

    Via SF Gate: Alameda County supervisors have asked a federal appeals court to dismiss a challenge by gun groups to the county’s zoning restrictions on gun stores, arguing that the constitutional right to own firearms doesn’t include a right to sell them wherever you want. The county’s 1998 ordinance prohibits new gun shops in unincorporated […]

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  • Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department CLUELESS About Who’s Licensed to Carry

    According to recent estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, Los Angeles County has more than 10 million residents–large enough to be the seventh most populated in the country were it a state. Given its massive size and the alleged public safety interest in regulating handguns in public, one might think that the Los Angeles County […]

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  • Ninth Circuit Hears Pro-Gun Haynie v. Harris

    Yesterday, attorney Donald Kilmer once again represented law-abiding gun owners and The Calguns Foundation before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This time, Kilmer argued in the federal civil rights lawsuit Haynie v. Harris, which is aimed at forcing California Attorney General Kamala Harris to clarify what constitutes a so-called “assault weapon” so that innocent […]

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  • Wired: After Orlando, The Homemade AR-15 Industry Surges

    IN THE WAKE of the worst mass shooting in US history, many Americans want to ban civilians from buying the AR-15, that ultra-popular, all-American killing tool. But in basements and garages around the country, another group of Americans is collecting the machines and materials to make those firearms in the privacy of their own homes. […]

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  • UPDATE: 9th Circuit Orders Briefing on Peruta / Richards “Super En Banc” Request for Rehearing

    On June 23, 2016, the Richards and Peruta plaintiffs/appellants requested that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals re-hear their respective cases with a full en banc court rather than the limited en banc panel of eleven judges (ten plus Chief Judge Sidney Thomas) that recently overturned the original three-judge panel decision. On June 24, 2016, the Chief Judge […]

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  • INJO: A Judge Sternly Reminded The State of California Just How Powerful Our Second Amendment Rights Are

    Although the gun control lobby and their willing accomplices in local governments are working overtime to strip law-abiding citizens of their constitutional rights, a federal court ruling stating that the Second Amendment is “not a second-class right” is an important victory that gives hope to civil rights groups and gun owners. In the decision issued […]

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