AP: Utah Lawmaker to Introduce Permitless CCWs Legislation in 2017

Utah state Rep. Lee Perry will introduce legislation in 2017 which will allow law-abiding Utahns to conceal carry without a permit. Governor Gary Herbert vetoed similar legislation three years ago.  Via the Associated Press:

"The bad guys are already carrying guns," Perry said. "You should be allowed to carry open or concealed if you're a law-abiding citizen."
A similar law went into effect in Idaho this summer, allowing residents 21 and older to carry concealed guns without needing permits or training. That made Idaho the 10th state with such a policy, following the passage of similar laws that took effect earlier this year in Mississippi and West Virginia.
When Herbert vetoed the 2013 bill passed by the mostly-GOP state legislature, the Republican governor said current laws don't inhibit the ability of state residents to bear arms. Utah law offers concealed carry permits to people who pass background checks and take a firearm safety course.

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