Hold the Powerful Accountable, Shine Light On County License to Carry Policies

It’s been rough going this summer for the gun rights movement.
With the California Legislature’s success in enacting seven new anti-gun laws and the setback in the Peruta v. San Diego decision, anti-gunners are making quick progress toward their goal of complete disarmament of the law-abiding public.
We, however, are not deterred.
The Calguns Foundation recently reactivated its Carry License/CCW Compliance and Sunshine Initiative - because these dire times call for brutal trench warfare.
CGF is going through the painstaking work of requesting and examining the CCW records of California county sheriff departments to determine if they’re infringing on your rights by not following license to carry laws.
If the courts won’t allow us to fight with a broadsword, we are more than willing to fight the anti-gun laws with a surgical knife.
And our work is already paying revealing dividends.
CGF filed a Public Records Act request earlier this summer on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), requesting all documents relating to the department’s CCW policy and procedures.
In its response, the LASD claimed it would need to review thousands of documents and would need three to four months to do so in order to provide the answer to a simple question: how does the LASD issue CCWs and to whom are they issued?
Despite the fact that we’ve already exposed that the LASD is not complying with California Penal Code § 26225, which requires the LASD to keep a record of license to carry applications, our goal is to see HOW the LASD is going about practicing its CCW policy.
The concentration of power and influence in LA County is awe-inspiring, and we want to know who is and who is not protected under the law.
If the LASD is in fact favoring celebrities or the wealthy and politically-connected over the helpless, we will hold them accountable.
I can’t stress this enough. This research effort is critical to identify civil rights violations.
We have drafted and delivered similar Public Records Act requests to sheriff’s departments all across the state, and we expect that they won’t take too kindly to our investigation into their policies and practices.
Can you spare $10, $50, $100 so we can file, analyze, and, if need be, litigate these important public records requests?
This fight is far from over.
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