The Collegian: Kansas State University to Permit Campus Carry July 2017

After a work period to revise campus weapons policy, Kansas State University will begin permitting students to campus carry to comply with state law July of next year.
Kansas passed permitless carry for those 21 years and old in 2015, however, there were exemptions in place for Kansas state university campuses. The policy is set to be enacted once the current exemption expires. Via The Kansas State Collegian:

Rose Micke, sophomore in chemistry, said the law could make campus safer.
“It has the potential to make people more comfortable with the fact that if there was an on-campus shooter, there’s more people that can bring them down as opposed to just campus security,” Micke said.
She said she supports concealed carry in every situation and said the new policy will be more helpful than harmful in self-defense.
The new gun policy has not been fully implemented yet, but people of Riley County are still applying for concealed carry licenses. According to Kansas Concealed Carry Handgun Database Reporting updated on July 5, there were 1,926 applications submitted from Riley County.

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