KIRA DAVIS: Bloomberg & Friends Deny Free Speech to 2A Supporters

Ex NYC, Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn't giving up on gun control just yet. Last Wednesday America's favorite meemaw announced a new $50 million pledge to support the newly-formed “Everytown for Gun Safety” which is a merger of the failed “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” and “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in Amrerica”.
Said Everytown President John Feinblatt, “Everytown will continue to push for change in Washington but will also move beyond Congress and bring the fight for commonsense gun policies to state capitals, to corporate boards and to state and federal elections.”
In a hilarious and shrewd twist, a pro-Second Amendment group – upon hearing about Babushka Bloomberg's latest move – immediately squatted on the name “Everytown for Gun Safety” on Facebook
Of course Bubby Bloomberg's group cannot let any free-expression stand that contradicts their plans. In a statement to Buzzfeed a spokesperson for the group said, “We’re going through the proper process for transitioning our Demand Action page to ‘Everytown,’ which takes a few weeks, and acquiring trademark protection for both Everytown and Everytown for Gun Safety. Once that happens, we expect Facebook to shoo these cybersquatters politely off this name/page.”
Abuelita Bloomberg is the epitome of corporate bullying, so don't expect the underdog to get off easy in this battle, but let me be the first to lead constitution-loving Americans in a SLOW CLAP for the folks over at “Everytown for Gun Safety”.
Well done.