Lawyers Advise CCW Students to Exercise Caution to Avoid Civil Litigation

Lawyers in Texas are stressing to CCW students the importance of caution before discharging their weapon to protect themselves or others. If a carrier is not in serious danger and they discharge their firearm and hurt or kill someone, they may be held liable for damages in a civil lawsuit.
Gun owners in Texas are being advised to purchase self defense and personal firearms liability insurance in case they are involved in an encounter that makes them vulnerable to litigation. Via KCBD in West Texas:

"There has to be more than words to make you feel threatened,” Glasheen said. “So there really has to be a real serious threat to your own personal safety, a threat of serious bodily injury or death before you can use deadly force.”
If these laws are not followed, he said an injured victim will likely file a civil lawsuit.
“There’s a number of things you can recover,” Glasheen said. “Past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering and impairment, disfigurement, loss of earnings…that sort of thing. So the jury gets to decide how much, if anything, to award of each of those different elements of damages.”

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