Lessons From Lexington

Today, April 19th, is the 242nd anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Known for “The Shot Heard Round the World”, this battle was caused by the Governor of Massachusetts attempting to remove the arms and ammunitions of the colonist militia. It is this act of theft and attempted illegal gun confiscation that would kick off the American Revolutionary War.

The colonies as a whole were split over going to war with England. Many wished to remain loyal to Britain because they thought it was the best choice even though they knew they were suffering. They feared what a country without a big central government would look like. However, The Founding Fathers and their militia knew that having freedom was worth the risk. They knew that with freedom came limitless potential.

When we look at the current status of the Second Amendment in California it is very reminiscent of this time and this issue: a giant government, a split populace, a chance at freedom.

Far too often do we as a nation rest on the laurels of the Second Amendment to protect our inalienable right to self defense. This was not what the founding fathers intended. They knew that if a populace became complacent then their rights were vulnerable to oppression. Look no further than the quote attributed to President Thomas Jefferson and echoed by freedom leaders throughout history: “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”.

Times are undoubtedly dark in California, but there is still hope. If we come together and tell our government that we will not stand for this, just as our Founding Fathers did, then we can free our right to bear arms from restrictive laws. Thankfully, our Founding Fathers left us a system of government that can stop the California government from ignoring our rights without immense tragedy and bloodshed. We can vote out anti-gun legislators, fight anti-gun laws in the court, and use the truth about the Second Amendment to convince our mislead countrymen.

As lovers of freedom, as protectors of justice, as Americans. We must stand together and defend the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution as a whole.