We take legal action to restore freedom and protect your Second Amendment rights. 

In California and other “battleground states” where the legislature is hostile to Second Amendment rights, gun control laws will mainly be attacked through litigation. We file both tactical and strategic major-issue cases to defend and advance your gun rights. 

Some of our current cases include these important pro-gun legal actions:

Peña, et al v. Lindley

Federal Second Amendment civil rights challenge to California’s handgun Roster and microstamping requirements.

Teixeira v. County of Alameda 

Federal Second Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment civil rights challenge to the County of Alameda's de facto ban on gun stores.

Rodriguez v. City of San Jose

Federal civil rights and state law challenge to City fo San Jose's warrantless seizure and continued refusal to release of firearms to law-abiding gun owner.

Holt v. Becerra

Case challenging California A.G. / DOJ’s "Bullet Button" regulations.

Tracy Rifle and Pistol v. Harris

Federal First Amendment civil rights challenge of California's ban on truthful handgun-related speech.