Missouri Attorney General Allies With Plaintiff in CCW Lawsuit

A University of Missouri law professor suing the school to be able to carry his firearm on campus can count the state’s chief law enforcer as an ally.
Mizzou law professor Royce Barondes sued the school to overturn its no-gun policy in light of the state’s expansion of gun rights protections. After the school’s attempts to countersue Barondes in a different venue failed, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has filed suit against the university arguing that its policy supersedes state law allowing CCWs on school grounds. Koster (D) is currently running for governor against a candidate who’s attracted national media attention for firing a fully automatic machine gun.
Barondes also contends MU cannot guarantee his safety while at work.

In 2005, MU Assistant Professor Jeong Im, 72, was brutally murdered, his body stuffed into the trunk of his Honda Accord, and his vehicle set ablaze in a school parking garage on campus.
Just five months prior to filing his original suit, police shot and killed an armed and dangerous man in another parking garage at the school following a manhunt. Compounding the issue, the school did not send out warnings through the university’s emergency alert system until after the incident was over.
Nanci Gonder, press secretary for the Missouri Attorney General’s office, told the move this week was to make sure a state court heard the state’s argument.
“Attorney General Koster initiated this action to stabilize the legal issue in a proper venue, and to ensure that Missouri statutes and constitution are applied correctly and responsibly,” said Gonder in an email.

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