OzarksFirst: Missouri's Gun Rights Reform Begins To Take Effect Over Weekend

The first of Missouri’s new gun reform laws went into effect over the weekend. Constitutional carry will be legal in the state at the beginning of 2017.
Missouri was one of four states in 2016 to adopt permitless carry. Via

Two controversial features are in effect. One is the expansion of the“Babysitter Castle Doctrine” which allows people authorized by a legal property resident to be on the property, to use deadly force. The other, known as “Stand Your Ground”, removes the requirement for a person to retreat before using force if there’s reasonable fear of safety.
Going into effect January 1st is the measure’s signature provision which allows for concealed carry of a firearm without a permit or training.
A few restriction to the law will remain. A permit will still be required in places such as schools, churches, government buildings, and restaurants and bars. Those documents, called “Lifetime Permits”, are valid only in Missouri and can be obtained for a period of 10, 25 or 50 years.

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