WNCT: North Carolina Professor Campus Carry Demonstration Halted By Campus Police

An East Carolina University professor announced that she would protest the school marching band’s National Anthem demonstration by open carrying her firearm on campus.
While North Carolina does not permit campus carry, Professor Tracy Tuten said she sought to exercise her Second Amendment rights if the band members were going to exercise their First. Campus police had informed Tuten that her demonstration was not permissible under state law. Via WNCT:

On Tuesday, October 4, East Carolina University received a statement from Tracy Tuten, regarding her intent to open carry a firearm on East Carolina University’s campus which is a violation of North Carolina statute.
After police made contact with her, they confirmed that she won’t be following through with her original intention of carrying a firearm on campus, releasing the following statement about the matter:
“The ECU Police Department is aware of the statement made by Dr. Tuten. We have communicated with Dr. Tuten about what the General Statutes of North Carolina allow and do not allow in terms of weapons on educational property and she indicated that she understood these provisions,” said Jason Sugg, interim ECU police chief. “While I can appreciate Dr. Tuten’s intent to bring attention to Constitutional discussions, carrying a handgun on campus property in the manner in which she described is currently prohibited by state law. Based on the most recent information given to us, we are hopeful that Dr. Tuten has reconsidered her intended action.”

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