North Texas Daily: University of North Texas Running Smoothly With Campus Carry In Effect

As Texas universities are reaching midterms with the new campus carry law in effect, the University of North Texas thus far has experienced no issue with its students and faculty safely carrying on university grounds.
Via North Texas Daily:

“I guess the only difference now is that I now have peace of mind if something was to go awry,” the criminal justice student said.
Though the graduate student participates in campus carry, they would only pull out their gun as a last resort and would rely on verbal communication and stunning techniques first.
“Even if there was a situation where I needed to draw my weapon, I don’t keep a bullet in the chamber,” the student said. “So as a last defense mechanism, I would chamber my bullet so my aggressor understands the situation they’ve put themselves into.”
UNT chief of police Ed Reynolds said that the day-to-day operations of the university have not changed because of the law and so far there have not been any reported violations.
“We have not experienced any issues since the law became effective,” Reynolds said.

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