Coshocton Tribune: Ohio School Districts to Begin Drafting Campus Carry Policies

Two Ohio school districts are currently in the early stages in allowing trained employees to campus carry on school grounds.
This follows a motion by the county school board that allowed districts to authorize employees to campus carry. Via the Coshocton Tribune:

Those steps are being taken in light of the increase in reported school shootings across the nation.
"This is about only being prepared to stop the ultimate threat in the ultimate crisis situation," said Dr. David Hire, superintendent of Coshocton City Schools. "This is a response only when there is an active killing situation happening."
Current district policies prohibit employees, students or the public from carrying guns inside school buildings, on school grounds or at school functions, but the Coshocton and River View boards of education this week hosted first readings on proposed changes that would allow granting exceptions to select employees who undergo special training.

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