Santa Monica shootings rekindle gun control debate in Sacramento. Cal-FFL says,"These bills not the answer."

Friday's shooting rampage in Santa Monica is rekindling the debate over gun control in California. Investigators are trying to determine how the gunman was able to obtain his weapons and a large amount of ammunition.
The Newtown, Connecticut, shooting last year spurred a flurry of gun-control measures in Sacramento, many of which are halfway to the governor's desk. The Santa Monica shooting spree is especially giving momentum to tighter regulation of ammunition purchases.
The gun lobby has been strong, fighting every measure. Members say ammunition permits aren't necessary because gun owners already have to go through a background check to buy a weapon.
"Criminals and those who are having mental challenges are the ones that are committing just about all of these crimes," said Craig DeLuz, legislative advocate for the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees. "We need to think about how we keep firearms out of their hands. And you don't do it by punishing law-abiding citizens."