UPDATE: 1 in 30 Handgun Case Up Feb 19th

This Friday -- February 19th -- our attorneys will be arguing against the Department of Justice's interpretation of the 1 in 30 handgun restriction in Sacramento's Superior Court.
Doe v. Harris challenges a recently-enacted DOJ policy that denies people who have both a DOJ-issued Certificate of Eligibility and a Federal Firearms License to collect curios and relics the ability to purchase more than one handgun in a thirty-day period.
Current law allows for certain exemptions to the 1 in 30 restriction, including those that have both a Certificate of Eligibility from DOJ and are licensed under Federal law as a curio and relic collector.
Now, DOJ isn't even following the law. They claim that the legislative intent was to not offer this exemption to the 1 in 30 restriction in regards to modern handguns, despite the plain text of the statute and a very lengthy legislative process.
The Calguns Foundation is working to restore your firearms freedoms one win at a time, not only by attacking unconstitutional laws themselves, but also by holding DOJ accountable after they  legislate via underground regulations, ignoring current law.
But we can't win without your support.
If you'd like to see California and Kamala Harris lose, please chip in a tax-deductible donation to support this and other gun rights cases:
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