WCAX: Vermont Gun Owners Rally Against New Gun Control Laws at State Capital

With the Second Amendment at risk even in pro-gun Vermont, gun rights activists rallied at the state capital this weekend to voice opposition to new gun laws

The group -- Gun Owners of Vermont -- say they hosted the rally as a cry for help to protect Vermonters' right to bear arms.
"We are a free people with our weapons. Without our weapons we are not a free people, and we cannot keep the government in check," said Justin Robey, a rally attendee.
It's an issue that has come up in the race for Vermont's next governor. "I wanna push forward on a solution I know 89-percent of Vermonters support -- which is common sense background checks," said Sue Minter earlier this campaign season. The Democrat says background checks ought to be a priority.
Meanwhile her opponent, Republican candidate Phil Scott, says Vermont doesn't need any new gun laws. Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Randy Brock echoed Scott's perspective from the podium Sunday. "We need to enforce the laws we have on the books. We don't need new laws," he said.

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