Yahoo: Gun-Toting Democrats Bristle at Firearms Limits in California

California's anti-gun legislative priorities have surprisingly turned gun control into a hot issue among some Democrats in the state. Sales of firearms and ammunition have been surging since Gunpocalypse, thanks to both Republicans and Democrats. Via Yahoo:

Jim Tarbin, a retired Los Angeles Police Department officer, said that gun owners feel "besieged" in California. "There is no question about it," he told AFP.

John, an employee at the firing range who did not want his last name published, said: "Gun owners in California cannot express themselves -- they're always outvoted."

California has the strictest gun control in the country, according to specialist site Rules range from compulsory background checks to limits on the capacity of firearm magazines and a ban on automatic weapons.

Adolphus Beal, a retired set dresser for television shows, declared: "I am a Democrat. I still agree that people should have the right to own a gun."

While the vast majority of gun owners in California support measures like background checks and even obligatory gun education, they bristle at anything that limits the type or quantity of pistols, rifles and ammunition that can be bought by law-abiding citizens.

And that includes the controversial semi-automatic weapons used in the attacks in San Bernardino, California, in December -- 14 people killed -- or in Orlando, Florida, in June -- 49 victims -- or in Paris last November -- 130 dead.

Asked about the Orlando massacre, Justin Frew replied: "The gay club? I am gay. I do not believe it is the firearm's fault. I do not feel that semi-automatic rifles should be restricted."

Paul Danner, an assistant television director, pointed out that criminals can find many ways to do harm.

"In France, they used a truck in Nice, in the Boston bombing they used pressure cookers" rigged with explosives, Danner said.

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